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Naruto's Rinnegan

Naruto could look like this with a Rinnegan! What would the 9 tails influence make it look like?
  1. Naruto has no apparent Kekkai Genkai - strangely for the main character.
  2. Naruto's style of fighting and technique is a total match with that of the Rinnegan's abilities.
  3. The Rinnegan is said to be bestowed upon the chosen one, that is, the one who will lead the world peace and control the tailed beasts. 
  4. Naruto is not merely a descendant of the younger brother; he is the descendant of the Sage of the six paths who will accomplish what even the Sage could not accomplish - in fact he is the reincarnation of Sage of the Six Paths. 
  5. Kishimoto has foreshadowed the Rinnegan with the latest Naruto Kyuubi mode and then Naruto asking Nagato to train him how to use the Rinnegan's abilities.
I'll address each point to give you an insight into my train of thought and why I am developing this theory. In order to see from my point of view, I’ll compare and contrast Naruto with similar characters.
1. Naruto's Kekkai Genkai
Those who are following the manga, know that Naruto does not have a Kekkai Genkai. Some say Naruto’s Kekkai Genkai are the Uzumaki seals, which could be true. In addition to the seals, I believe that Naruto will gain the Rinnegan as the true heir of the Sage of the Six Paths, and lead world to peace and harmony. Indeed, this is Narutos principal goal as a future Hokage. I believe Naruto already has the body of the sage – With the union of Naruto and the 9 tails, and when he has self actualized; the eyes of the Sage will awaken. The spirals, the seals, all could be foreshadowing this future event.
2. Rinnegan Complements Naruto's Fighting Style
I believe Naruto would awaken the Rinnegan to complement Naruto’s fighting style, and his signature shadow clone jutsu which could be utilised as opposed to gathering deceased humans. I’ve provided further reasons for this below. 

Deva Path’s abilities - Manipulation of gravity
It has been Madara’s life long ambition to free the 10 tails from its prison. I have a feeling that Madara will succeed in unleashing the 10 tails on the ninja alliance. If the 10 tails is ever released, Naruto will need to rebuild the moon, and as the only character whose connection to the SO6P could be greater than any other character in history; including the Sages sons - I'll explain why later. Anyways, at this moment in time, it doesn’t seem Naruto would need Planetary Devastation, but in order to restore the moon he would need it.

Other techniques that Naruto may need as a Hokage is barriers for the leaf village. While we don’t know if this is a Rinnegan technique, it can certainly enable Naruto to protect his village.

The Animal Path's abilities – summoning various animals and creatures
Naruto could summon frogs and the 9 tails itself with Rinnegans in order to fight. Furthermore, with the Rinnegan Naruto would exert far more control over the 9 tails which has a habit of causing destruction without a powerful character controling it - at this moment in time the 9 tails will only comply when it's subjected to near death experiences.

Preta Path’s abilities – absorbing chakra
When Naruto doesn’t want to fight e.g. against angry Sakura or Sasuke he could simply absorb their chakra and protect himself from their attacks enough to subdue them. I don’t believe I’ve seen many defensive Naruto abilities, this could really make Naruto a more all round fighter.

Human path’s abilities – Mind reading, soul absorption and taijutsu
Naruto could utilize Sage Mode for this Path. I know that the mind reading ability of the human path would become obsolete because with Sage Mode touching a person allows Naruto to access their memory anyways (Image1, Image2). He can also effortlessly resurrect the dead with the Naraka/Outer Path - this is easy for someone of Naruto's powerful lifeforce.

Asura Path’s abilities – robotic physical enhancements, missiles, shockwaves, multiple arms
The Asura Path is the only path which seemingly does not fit Naruto’s signature fighting technique i.e. clone jutsu as it’s mostly android augmented with weaponry. But then again, Madara doesn’t have androids and I do believe the Sage of the Six Paths didn’t either.

We’ve actually seen Naruto’s clones become objects or weaponry. Just like the Asura Path, Naruto’s clone could utilize multiple arms, all of which would be a perfect fit for Naruto’s Asura/demon war path. Although Naruto’s arms would be made of chakra not metal. Using the chakra arms Naruto could launch himself (as the Asura Path has done to the animal path) miles, far greater distance than we’ve seen Naruto being thrown. With space-time kunai that Narutos father, Minato/the 4th Hokage, used, this could enable Naruto to evade attacks.

Naraka Path’s abilities – Summon outer path
Naruto’s Naraka Path could gather nature energy and summon the Outer Path to resurrect recently deceased.

3. Rinnegan Bestowed Upon Chosen One To Lead World To Peace
There’s a parallel with Naruto’s life and the Sage of the Six Paths, which further fuels my belief that Naruto will awaken the Rinnegan.

The (Rikudō Sennin) was a legendary man who founded the arts of ninjutsu. He defeated the ten tails and sealed it within him thus becoming the first jinchuriki. This also allowed him to harness the power of the 10 tails.  

Naruto will be a legendary man who has defeated the 9 tailed beast within himself and mastered it. I believe the seal is Uzumaki speciality, which possibly originated from the SO6P.

The SO6P was the first ninja to truly understand the nature of chakra, during his lifetime attempted to lead the world to peace.

Similarly, Naruto is one of the only known masters of natural energy and thus has a more refined chakra – he is using this power to lead the world to peace. With 3 parts (4 if you include 9 tails) of chakra all mixing together, Naruto understands the nature of chakra more than anybody.

Naruto hasn’t gained the Rinnegan despite all the chaos in the world because the Rinnegan only appears when there is chaos in the world, to the one who can lead the world to peace. This person can only be Naruto as the main character. However, the true power of the Rinnegan will emerge when Naruto has finally realised his full potential to become the saviour of the Ninja world. At this point in time, he is learning and does not actually know what he wants.
The Sage of the Six Paths first emerged at a time of endless wars, similarly, Naruto was born at a time of wars and the return of Madara who planned to bring about the return of the 10 tailed demon.

4. Reincarnation Of The Sage Of The Six Path 

Rinne (輪廻) is the Japanese term for Samsara, the cycle of reincarnation or rebirth in Indian religions. The Rinnegan is meant for the one who is 'reborn' thus it’s my ultimate belief that Naruto is the reincarnation of the Sage of the Six Path’s and therefore obtain all of his powers, in fact there is no other character with Naruto's unique abilities:

  • Naruto has the sages body
  • Naruto is the only known master of nature energy
  • Naruto will learn the sages seals
To add to that list, Naruto needs to awaken Rinnegan - this will occur: If Rinne is the cycle of reincarnation, this may imply that Rinnegan powers become activated and dormant in particular times depending on certain characteristics of the ninja. Madara possibly believes he should be accessing the Rinnegan's abilities, but I don't think he will, because he is NOT THE CHOSEN ONE nor is he the ONE WHO IS BEING REBORN WITH GOOD MOTIVES. The Sage of the Six Paths wanted to pass on his abilities to someone who seeks peace for the world as is defined in the prophecy.

5. The Six Rasengan Symbolises The Six Paths

There continues to be numerous hints from Kishimoto regarding the future abilities that Naruto would have. The 6 rasengans not only symbolise the Sage of the Six Paths, but it also symbolises the 6 paths of pain, which is a Rinnegan ability. The Sage of the Six Paths got his name from the power of his Rinnegan paths.

Naruto even asked Nagato to teach him how to use all 6 abilities of the Rinnegan [image]. This one again foreshadows the fact that Naruto will indeed awaken the Rinnegan and learn how to use all its techniques.

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  1. yes... even in appearance naruto looks like the sage of the six paths:

    his hair sticks up unusualy in two part on his head,the same apears on the shadow of the sage of the six paths...


    as well as that naruto's seal that appears in his new kyubbi mode the collar area has the same design as what i always asumed to be a necklace the sage wore, could it be a seal mark though? if so then that adds to the connection between the uzumaki's sealing expertise and the sages sealing the ten tails within him.